I am having major nightmares trying to get arp entries active on the
external interface of my NG AI (R55) installation running on Win2K
Server with SP4.

I have tried the following with absolutely no success:

Creating a Local.arp file in the %FWDIR%\conf folder with the
following format
. Once all
addresses have been included in this file I create persistant static
routes on the box after enabling IP routing in the registry. Within
the ruleset I translate between these external addresses and valid
internal addresses. This all used to work on previous versions of FW1
prior to NG.

With this not working I then removed all of the above with the
exception of the IP routing reg entry and enabled all of the NAT
translation options in the Glocal policy. This should allow the
firewall to create dynamic arp entries based on the static NATs
defined within the ruleset object itself. When I run fw ctl arp all I
get is No Proxy Arps!!!

I have read lots of article on the MS and CP sites and ensured that
things like Remote Routing Service is disabled, etc.

Does anybody have any idea how I can get this working and why I am
having such a nightmare duplicating an existing working environment
with essentially a new version of the software.

Thanks in anticipation