I'm trying to setup client authentication with SSL on Firewall-1 NG_FP3.
I have a test firewall, which I upgraded from 4.1.
Following intructions in http://www.fw-1.de/aerasec/ng/client-auth-ssl.html
I changed the line:

900 fwssd in.ahclientd wait 900

in $FWDIR/conf/fwauthd.conf to:

900 fwssd in.ahclientd wait 900 ssl:defaultCert

When I go to https://:900
It comes up with a page empty error in the browser.
I've also tried using other port numbers, e.g.

1234 fwssd in.ahclientd wait 1234 ssl:defaultCert

But I get the same error.

Anyone any idea what I might be doing wrong?
Is there maybe no certificate? It did seem to create one when I installed.
The Firewall is not currently connected to the internet as I am still testing,
could this be causing a problem?