I think I've followed the directions correctly in the readme for
Torsten Fellhauer's fw1-loggrabber, but can't seem to get the
authentication working. It is working without authentication.

I am using NG/AI and SmartDashboard.

I have these lines in my $FWDIR/conf/fwopsec.conf:
lea_server port 50001
lea_server auth_port 18184

I have created the new object in the SmartDashboard and checked None
for server entites and LEA for client entities. I have done the
opsec_pull_cert successfully (the opsec.p12 was created and the trust
has been established according to the GUI) and have set up
the fw1-loggrabber.conf like so:

lea_server auth_port 18184
opsec_sslca_file /tmp/opsec.p12
lea_server opsec_entity_sic_name

I see that the server is listening on port 18184.
Am not sure how to debug this or what to do next. Do I need to modify
the file or sic_policy.conf, or something else?

Thank you very much.