I qualified the CCSA NG AI exam on 10 Feb 2004...
for all those who are preparing for the same I would suggest the

1. Read the official Check Point Documentation available in the
Product CD or at the Site of Check point.

2. Be thru with the NAT and SmartDefense very carefully and completely
(almost 30-40 Ques are based on these).

3. The CCSA Dumps at www.examnotes.com are really helpful..I got 5 to
6 questions from them but they are also good knowledge base. Be sure
To do them.

4. the CCSA guide at www.corefacts.co.uk is also helpful to give a
broader picture of the paper.

5. The questions are confusing and lot of them have ambigous answers.

6. Also you should be very thorough with the different screens of
checkpoint.I got a qusetion based on the login screen itself.

7. I don't see the need of buying any specific book for this exam like
Justin Manga etc. The material available on the net + the official
material on the website www.checkpoint.com is more than enough.

8. One thing which I don't know for sure, but seems to be true is that
"Not every Question carries equal Marks".

----Best Of Luck----