I just passed the CCSE recently (exam NG with AI Management II)

I previously had the CCSA in NG with FP3.

Check Point confirmed that the certs stay relevent within the product
version, i.e. NG.

Anyone with a CCSA in NG can sit the AI Management II exam and qualify
as a CCSE.


On 24 Aug 2003 21:39:37 -0700, bitored2002@yahoo.com.au (Kenny D)

>I have recently passed the ccsa ng fp3 exam and now see that
>Checkpoint have retired some exams. If i want to move onto CCSE do i
>have to take VPN-1/FireWall-1 Management I NG to get CCSE or can i go
>straight to VPN-1/FireWall-1 Management II NG?
>I think i should seen as i passed a CCSA on the current release, but
>these IT companies do like to rip us off soemtimes.