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>>>>> "A" == ArkanoiD writes:

A> On Mon, Sep 17, 2007 at 11:52:01AM -0400, Paul D. Robertson wrote:
> I don't want to fill my computer of antivirus, anti spyware, and Norton
> rubbish, I prefer a simple configuration like this. Please, if you have
> some ideas about this, share it with me, or perhaps to tell me that I'm
> missing something that makes this situation nonviable.
>> All the Windows attacks of late have been in-band, if you're not
>> running AV on Windows the only way to save yourself from anything other
>> than DLL injections is to be running software restriction policies in
>> default deny mode. Without on-access AV scanning and ant-spyware
>> scanning you're likely to have a compromise.

A> Well really? Are zero-day attacks widespread enough? I assume if you do
A> windows update in time and do not watch pr0n (which increases the
A> probability to meet zero-day exploit) you are almost safe. I'd also
A> suggest not using IE.

According reports of our Anti-malware team, zero-day attacks widely used to
gain control over user's systems

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