Dear people,

My question is regarding wireless security, on win xp.
I have a home network, with a wireless access point and two notebooks
(and one desktop connected via cable).
When I'm at home, I want to use the access point's firewall, and leave
all the other things unsecured, like the file sharing turned on on the
notebooks (I'm using WEP).
When my wife goes out with hers computer, I have to rely the security
on hers memory to turn on the firewall.
What I want is to install a virtual wireless network adapter, and to
use one wireless adapter with my home's wifi network and another with
the others. Then, leave the firewall always on (I use sygate) and make
it work only for the foreign networks. I didn't found such virtual
network adapters. I have the one that comes with VMWare, but it
doesn't have the "wireless networks" tab. This kind of solution is a 5
minutes work on Linux, it can be done by configuring a single text
file, but for windows, I'm getting mad.
I don't want to fill my computer of antivirus, anti spyware, and
Norton rubbish, I prefer a simple configuration like this.
Please, if you have some ideas about this, share it with me, or
perhaps to tell me that I'm missing something that makes this
situation nonviable.

Best regards,

Andres H
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