I wonder if any of you have encountered this problem before with

A client of mine has 3 firewalls: a Fortigate, a 515 and a 501. The 515
and FG already have an IPSec lan-to-lan VPN between them that works fine.

We'd like to set up a mesh of L2L VPNs, but first steps first: we need
to connect the 515 to the new 501.

I've gone through the configurations, followed the directions from
cisco's website, cleared everything out and done everything *but*
restarted the 515 (which is in production and might cause some
consternation if it were rebooted willy-nilly)

I've watched the logging output, and it doesn't seem that the 501/515
pair even attempt to do the phase 1 IPSec negotiations. It's just that
NOTHING happens at all.

Has anyone seen this? Any received wisdom on this? My search-engine-fu
must be weak, I've not managed to tease out a solution to this from the
all-seeing GoogleEye.


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