Lets say company A has a customer, company B. Company A needs to
provide access to several (lets say many) resources within its network
to a thousand or so employees at company B. Seems to me that you could
simply PAT all of company B's connections when they arrive and the
magic of networking should get them routed to the resources you've
allowed them and back without any problem. Is there something I'm
missing here?

Is an incoming PAT not available on, for instance, an ASA? What about
a PIX at 6.x or 7.x? What about incoming NAT pools for over a thousand
possible users? Anything change if they're physically coming in on a
DMZ port as opposed to the outside port - and needing access to
resources in another, lower DMZ port (don't ask why a VPN customer
would be trusted more than company A's web servers, that's just how it
is in this virtual company)?

I know we're not alone in providing VPN access to customers but I'm
virtually convinced everyone else is doing it better. I'm just hunting
real world examples of the "right way" of doing it.
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