Hey all,

Any help with the following scenario is appreciated.

I have the following:

DMZ ( via Checkpoint
Pix (x.x.x.x) Client's fw
SRVR ( Behind client's Pix

I created a tunnel (PPTP) to connect from my DMZ to their SRVR however which worked however, I need about 5 machines in VLAN2 to connect to DMZ and pass through the DMZ straight to the SRVR.

I'm not able to create any tunnels from VLAN2, solely from DMZ. So I'm thinking a PPTP/L2TP proxy server, anyone with an existing implementation and or documentation on something like this without mentioning ISA server?

http://www.infiltrated.net/tunneling.jpg (diagrammed)

Thanks in advance for any pointers, links, comments, do's/don't('s)

J. Oquendo
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