> De ArkanoiD, lundi 15 janvier 2007 17:01
> I wonder if there are still many people who use TIS fwtk
> and/or old Gauntlet source license. If you do, please drop me
> a line describing your environment and requirements, as i
> have some replacement code ;-)

I'm still using it :-)

But only for educationnal purpose: having my students to build their own
firewall using very basic blocks (fwtk and cisco acl) is very heplful to give
them insights of the "firewall" problem in the security world.

They learnt the hard way (compare with just learning how to use the GUI of some
famous SPF firewall...), but that's better for them. Especially for developpers:
they understand why it's bad to use SOAP/XML/HTTP tunneling things if you hope
to have some security at the borders.


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