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Subject: [fw-wiz] Netscreen firewalls

> I'm looking for guidance on vulnerabilities/downsides to the Netscreen

firewalls. I am not looking to
> start a flamefest on Netscreen but simply am looking for the downside.
> We currently are a cisco pix shop and have monitoring and change

management built around cisco. I have
> done a google on Netscreen vulnerabilities and issues but didn't find much

current data. Any
> information is appreciated in advance, including links to current data.

Additionally if you have
> personal expereince, positive or negative, with Netscreen I would like to

hear it.. off list if so
> desired.

Probably not saying anything new, but to find people who will talk trash
about NetScreen, you will have to travel back in time 5+ years. Any
vulnerabilities (SSHv1) or stability issues in ScreenOS that I know of have
long since been fixed. Not to say that there won't be new ones, but that's
true of PIX as well.

The shipping models are actually pretty slick, especially the 5400, which
performance-wise, is more like a Cat6500 with FWSM.

So, if your goal is to show why PIX is a better value for your company than
NetScreen, you should focus on things like "PIX integrates with our other
Cisco management stuff," or "we have staff that know PIX but not NetScreen."
My $0.02, anyway.


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