I've noticed lately a growing number of firewall syslog msgs with critical =
SMTP errors:

%FWSM-2-108002: SMTP replaced |: out in x.x.x.x data: MAIL FRO=
M:<03|m|gci0emm80|42wdr4_2_h.nfrd|_|5rjd5n2hjw7.rdlsr 1w@me4<006>=F6K+<018>=

At first I thought this was just typical spam that the firewall was tagging=
and it wasn't a big deal. However, I started sniffing these packets and I'=
m beginning to think they're legitimate emails coming from myspace.com. Is =
there a configuration setting that could be applied to allow this type emai=
l? I realize this would then be opening me up a bit, but I'm not sure how e=
lse to approach this problem.

Thanks in advance.


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