I know it's a different device, but on a router it can cause loss of traffic.
We had a problem where I work recently, where the router was so overwhelmed
due to the fact that we had turned it into a firewall by having extensive acls on all
inbound and outbound traffic, it just stopped accepting traffic entirely, in this case
the cpu was staying around the 70-90% range. It would go in intermittent drops,
working fine for a while and then dropping all traffic for about 2-3 minutes while it
recovered. In our case we exhausted the cpu and memory,though it was a much
smaller device, a cisco 2620 router.

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>>> matthew.stansel@yale.edu 10/11/2006 1:37:14 pm >>>

Has anyone discovered and a reliable source of information regarding
performance or operational parameters for Cisco PIX firewalls? That is,
acceptable limits for the various resources utilized, CPU, memory,
interface saturation, etc. Specifically, what are the impacts of high
CPU utilization on this platform? What are the implications of CPU
levels exceeding 80-90%.

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