On Sun, 2006-09-17 at 16:35 -0700, Carson Gaspar wrote:
> There are _zero_ reliable commercial HA solutions that will go insane if
> you use a cross-over cable and they both loose link at the same time.

So, PIX is not a reliable commercial solution then. OK.

> If
> you use 2 switches, and the trunk between them fails, both devices think
> they are "up" (yes, you can use multiple trunks, but you can use multiple
> x-overs as well - keep it apples to apples). If you use a cross-over cable,
> and it fails, both devices think they are "down". Any decent HA system can
> handle both failure modes.

Then PIX is also not a decent HA system. Great.

> If an HA system _can't_ handle both failure
> modes, it's crap and you shouldn't buy it.

PIX (using IP failover) is crap. I get it now.

As a final note, using a crossover cable with a PIX is very stupid. If
you keep the pair in the same room then use the failover cable.
IP-based failover is useful if the PIX pair is geographically separated,
in which case they'd most likely be homed to different switches. Which
was my initial point.

@@ron Smith
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