> The goal is as much "key staff use Skype at home and on the road, and
> want the same contact list and UI when in the office" as it is the
> potential for cost savings from free long-distance and dirt cheap
> international calling. A Metaframe deployment would eat these savings
> for breakfast.

So - again - the user confuses a product with a functionality.
What about hooking a H.323 and/or SIP gateway to your local
PBX and give road warriors

- VPN access to that gateway
- a software client compatible with it

Voila, dirt cheap calls from "on the road" to the office - and,
given a reasonable phone gateway product - calls from "on the road"
through your PBX to local customers, too.

If you don't mind buying German ;-) see


for H.323 gateways and software.

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