I don't know if this is possible, but I keep seeing all these

"torrents" used to download various images. But I'm not only
running behind a firewall, but behind a proxy as well, with my
client computer running on an isolated, internal subnet.

I think the major stumbling block is the bit about being behind
a proxy server to get internet access. Are there any linux proxy
servers, that can allow internal WinXP clients to access a torrent?

I'm thinking that it should be possible to write firewall rules
for my firewall to permit incoming connections as part of a torrent
"session". I'm not so sure how many inbound connections it can
associate with 1 outbound session (it's a Netscreen appliance, but
I have an upgrade from it by juniper that I haven't put into operation

Almost seems like a complete torrent client would need to be implemented
on the firewall machine, that passes requests back to a client, but
I'm not sufficiently knowledgeable to know if it's already been done,
or is as difficult as it would appear to be...?

Thanks for any pointers....

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