On Thu, 24 Aug 2006, Kevin wrote:

> Is anybody permitting Skype through a HTTP or SOCKS proxy?
> I've been instructed to "make Skype work", and short of opening up the

Whenever you have a "this application must work," you should look at what
the actual requirement is...

> outbound policy to permit TCP and UDP to every possible destination IP
> on every possible port, the next best thing seems to be to use the
> HTTPS and SOCKS5 proxy settings included in most platforms/versions of
> Skype.
> I'm running into some odd issues while trying to write a reasonable
> proxy policy for Skype and still have reliable calling and reasonable
> audio quality.
> Any hints?

1. Terminal Service to a TS in the DMZ with the client loaded.
2. Asterisk PBX in the DMZ as a gateway (much more fun) with IAX2 or SIP
client access from the LAN. Do all the conference bridge stuff on
Asterisk and gateway a single Skype call at a time if you need to using
psgw_linux ($20.)
3. Deny the request as unreasonablely out of kilter with the security
policy in place and make them do the requirement over.

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