> On Mon, 21 ao=FBt 2006 16:23
> Chris Byrd wrote:
> Wonderfully put as always, Marcus. I guess the question then
> is, what is the solution?

The solution is easy to find: that's designing protocol with security in mi=

We are doomed by poor protocol design from the beginning of the Internet
history. And it seems that we are the only people to see that.
The present is worst than the past (SIP and VoIP for example) and I don't e=
the future to be better...

> Defense-in-depth, compartmentalization, and diligent patching
> all help, but surely there has got to be a way to build a
> better mouse trap - err - firewall.

Too late... the *bad people* are becoming business oriented, they make mone=
y, a
lot, from phishing, troyan horses, botnet, etc. It's not anymore possible to
cope with that and the stubbornness of users, developpers and management!

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