First, thank you for your entertaining and informative writings that are
scattered here and there on the net. After I did a search for your name, I
found your Top 6 Dumbest Things about Computer Security and thoroughly
enjoyed it. It serves to educate people on the state of mind that should be
used when securing a system and, as I read some of these posts, actually
negates some of the perceived issues and questions raised here.

That being said, I do have a question. My understanding of firewalls is
minimal, and I'm constantly reading up to understand more (hence, I joined
this mailing list). My question is: You have referred to packet-based
firewalls as being outdated. Is there any way that you could impart your
knowledge of different firewall types and their key characteristics or, if
it would suit better, could you point me in the direction of information on
this topic?

Thanks in advance,

Isaac Van Name

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Durga Prasad wrote:
>There are couple of tools which test if a firewalling is leaking any


People still rely on packet-based firewalls??!!! You're joking, right? It's


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