my company is going to build three new data centers and we are considering
what type of firewalls to put in. i need some advice, and any help is very
much appreciated...

The firewalls need to be able to forward quite high volumes of mulitcast and
interact with **PIM router** (cisco router). Traffic volumes are at least
10s of Mbps (including unicast traffic), maybe 100s, maybe 1Gbps!

Previously we have used Nokia firewalls, but we want to know what people are
choosing thes days for data center/multicast:

should be go with Checkpoint, Cisco, other....

do we need Checkpoint Secure Platform / Secure Platform Pro?

do we need Checkpoint on Crossbeam or other appliance?

any special considerations for PIM / Multicast?

what are the alternatives, when are they used, and what are their pros/cons.

Thankyou very much in advance....

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