Hi List,

Is this possible to implement?

PC/VPN client---------Internet-------T1DSL/Static Pub IP/NAT-----IOS FW/VPN/NAT.

from DSL modem to Cisco 3825 IOS FW/VPN is private ip with NAT and from
cisco 3825 to LAN users is also NATed/FW.

I knew i can do a vpn setup from cisco 3825 if it has a static public ip
address but it uses a private ip address from the DSL/T1 which is also running
NAT and the DSL/T1 modem has the one with static public ip address.

Technically, is this possible? i will need to setup a vpn connection from
home pc/vpn client to access the cisco 3825 network/servers.

Thank you.
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