--On Friday, May 26, 2006 9:24 AM -0400 "Marcus J. Ranum"

> Frank Pawlak wrote:
>> I agree that the security industry is all but dead, but what are the
>> big financial firms, or perhaps the gov using for security
>> systems.

> The big commercial firms are an interesting question, though. There's
> the ones that are innovating in non-computing fields, and they mostly use
> computing in a supporting role. In that environment, there's no need for
> innovative use of information technology. But the places where there is
> innovation going on - is largely custom code or extremely clever
> customizations of existing code. WALMART, Amazon, Ebay, Google,
> need I say more? The big financial firms - Wall Street and banking,
> supposedly write more code in-house than any other industry in the US,
> right now.

>From personal experience, I can say that at least 2 of the top 5 Wall St

firms use *shudder* Firewall-1. In at least one case, they use it very
badly (or did several years ago). Financials are just like any other kind
of large company - they run the gamut from security disasters to extremely
well run. They are heavily regulated, but most of the regulations involve
process, not technology. So as long as they have an audit trail, they can
use old TAMU drawbridge and be compliant.

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