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Subject: RE: [fw-wiz] Info Request: Looking for alternatives in HA/Load
balancing firewallsthat are also scalable and modular. . .

> We have initial estimates of 300-500 GB/day in SMTP traffic alone, due to

an application that typically sends data in via SMTP in
> 2MB bundles. But they ALSO want to up the resolution of the graphics

inside the bundles, so we've been told to expect an order
> of magnitude jump about the time we start implementing in the 2008-2009

timeframe. And the data will tend to peak and valley a
> lot. . . So, realistically, we're talking an initial traffic of 3-5 TB/day

in SMTP alone.
> We have multiple OC's coming in, bandwidth isn't the immediate worry, it's

throughput. . .

While that sounds like a lot of data, it's really not. You could probably
get by on a single T3, and an OC3 is certainly more than enough. Latency
and peak throughput are essentially non-issues because SMTP is not
user-facing. Therefore, load-balancing is also a non-issue. At this point,
you should focus stability over performance. Just my $0.02.


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