On Mon, 10 Apr 2006, Devdas Bhagat wrote:

> On 07/04/06 16:52 -0700, David Lang wrote:
>> 5TB/day is a sustained 60MB/sec (1 1/2 DS-3's or so), given that you have
>> a lot of peaks it's reasonable to say that your peak traffic is 2-3x that
>> value. you are still talking about ~200Mb/sec of traffic.

> Try 20-30x. 2MB is a _large_ email. I assume that the OP is already
> optimising by recipient domain(s) and hosts with multi-recipient
> messages. If the OP is lucky enough that the load can be distributed
> evenly, that would be a fairly rare case.
> Typical bulk mail traffic goes as one injection to a few thousand
> recipients, and then it fans out. Your sending speed is typically
> limited by the speed at which the remote host can accept mail, or by the
> pipe between the two of you. However, with multiple parallel messages,
> the choke is generally the network itself.
>> this is comfortably handled with a P-III intel platform (a Nokia 740
>> appliance is this amount of power)
>> Sun has a checkpoint appliance that is Opteron based (defaults to 1.4GHz
>> processors, you can upgrade it) for about $30K. this is a very moderate
>> box by today's standard, but would handle the type of bandwidth
>> requirements you are talking about trivially
>>> We have multiple OC's coming in, bandwidth isn't the immediate worry, it's
>>> throughput. . .

>> again I need to ask for definitions. the best overall throughput is
>> generally achieved by spreading the load evenly and running things at max
>> capacity all the time. bandwidth requirements better represent your peak
>> requirements, but I think what you are looking for is responsivness (or
>> low latency). Even with that you should keep in mind that Internet use

> For mail delivery, the issue is throughput. Latencies are generally
> counted in minutes (or hours). Think B52 full of DVDs.

but if you can accept latencies of hours then you have a lot of leeway to
spread your peaks out and your peak bandwidth can be far closer to your
average bandwidth, so your statement that the peak is 20-30x the average
doesn't sound reasonable.

what am I missing here?

David Lang

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