"Layer One" wrote:
> Also, something to
> consider, when you do pick a broadband provider, find out what ports
> they block. I know there was a recent flap in my area because Comcast,
> in their infinite wisdom, decided to not just block things like port
> 80/443/21 inbound, but also SSH and some of the ports things like
> OpenVPN use. Obviously, with some trial and error you can pick an
> inbound port they arent filtering on, but for f**ks sake, they should
> just let you use your broadband for what you want to do with it.

I don't know if this still holds, but, once-upon-a-time, some/many of
the lower-end broadband providers (read: cable companies and ILECs)
prohibitied VPNing over residential broadband services - in-bound or

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