"Paul D. Robertson" wrote:
> On Thu, 6 Apr 2006, Michael wrote:
> > How do I access my server through my firewall with a sourced dynamic IP
> > address????

> 1. Open the firewall.
> 2. Get on 6bone if your firewall supports IPv6 and get a block of
> addresses, use a v4-v6 gateway and statically assign a v6 address.
> 3. Use a proxy at a fixed address- such as a VPS at a hosting provider.
> 4. Port knocking.

5. Even most cable companies and ILECs offer something resembling
"business class" broadband. While generally not up to the standards
most experienced network professionals would truly regard as
"business class," they do provide a more-or-less "static" IP address
assignment. You can look to paying $80 - $100 per month, last I

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