> I know about DEL_REASON_ADDRESS_CHANGE, it means that either=20
> the, client address got changed somehow when it renewed it=20
> IP, or their wireless is flaky, I strongly suspect the latter.

Check to make sure you're wireless adapters have been flashed to
the most current software. We've noticed with Cisco's Wireless
cards must have the same version as the AP or you get drops.

> When I googled DEL_REASON_PEER_NOT_RESPONDING, I got this=20
> link https://access.llnl.gov/vpn/vpn3000-moreinfo.html of the=20
> many, which explains the error type. Other links also point=20
> to 1. as the possible scenario. Cisco TAC confirms that there=20
> is no apparent problem with my configuration. I have a=20
> separate network setup, where I have 2 laptops connecting=20
> over Linksys WAP11 Access point (remember it acts a just AP,=20
> it does not do DHCP or DNS or routing or firewalling) to the=20
> VPN and the connection has been up for more than 2 days as I type.

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