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Hey FW-Wizard readers,

This is just a quick note to let you know that Black Hat USA 2006 registration
and Call for Papers is now open.

We expect another outstanding program, and with the addition of more floor
space at Caesars Palace we are able to bring you more selection in training
classes as well as presentations during the Briefings. Good news all around!

What is the Black Hat Briefings?
The Black Hat Briefings was created to fill the need for computer security
professionals to better understand the security risks and potential threats to
their information infrastructures and computer systems. Black Hat accomplishes
this by assembling a group of vendor-neutral security professionals and having
them speak candidly about the problems businesses face and their solutions to
those problems. No gimmicks -- just straight talk by people who make it their
business to explore the ever-changing security space.

Black Hat USA Briefings 2006 takes place at Caesars Palace Las Vegas, Nevada,
August 2-3. Register now to take advantage of our early bird rate.

Black Hat USA Training takes place July 29-30 and July 31-August 1.
We have ten new training offerings for 2006, including ROOTKIT: Advanced 2nd
Generation Digital Weaponry by Greg Hoglund and Jamie Butler, Advanced Malware
Deobfuscation by Jason Geffner & Scott Lambert. We have tailored the training
to help avoid overlap in subject matter, providing you with the best of breed
of classes by instructors who are leaders in their field.

The Black Hat USA 2006 Call for Papers closes May 1. Don't hesitate to submit
your presentation, as time is running out.

The Black Hat Europe 2006 Briefings was a success, with our largest European
turnout to date. All presentations and tools from the event are available at

Register for the Black Hat USA 2006 show. Our early bird rate closes May 15,
so register now and save.

Thanks for your support. I'll see you in Vegas!

Jeff Moss

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