Thanks Patrick for the info,

I guess I was not clear at all in my orginal email, sorry to all who
had to read my message a few times.

I do not have NAT configured on any device at home, all IPs I use
on the internal network are Internet routable, excluding of course the
segment between the PIX and 827. I have an assigned block of IPs
which hang off the inside interface of the PIX. between the PIX and
my SOHO router (an 827 dsl router in this case) is a
network with two hosts in it, the PIX and the 827. The external
interface of the 827 has an ISP assigned IP which acts at the
gateway into this network.

At the moment I believe the solution will be to configure the 827 to be
a bridge and go from there. The hopes are I'll be able to number the
outside interface of the PIX with the IP which the 827 currently uses on
it's external interface.


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