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On Mon, Mar 13, 2006 at 06:02:55PM -0500, Greg wrote:

> I have a PIX at home and would like to connect via site to site VPN
> to the PIX at work which I also maintain.
> The problem I think I may run into is I have a private network between
> the internet router and my internal home PIX. The segment between the
> internet router and the internal PIX is, the outside
> interface of the PIX is numbered

AFAIK PIXen with current software (6.3.something) will do NAT
traversal for IPSec just fine (using UDP port 4500).

You will have to make sure that your Internet router at home
permits and NATs bidirectional traffic on UDP ports 500 (IKE)
and 4500 (IPSec) when the session is initiated from the inside.
This should be the case for a standard "permit and NAT anything
inside -> outside" configuration that is most often used
in SOHO setups.

Then it should "just work".

Of course you configure the external IP address of your
SOHO router as the peer on the company's PIX. Not

And for most simple SOHO devices in standard configuration you
will need to initiate the IKE and IPSec SA from your side.
If you want both PIXen to be able to start talking to each other
you need to define incoming PAT for ports 500 and 4500 on
your SOHO router.

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