I'm having an odd issue (which Cisco assures me I can't be having) where
the command:

debug packet dst proto icmp

behaves completely differently on two identical[0] pix 515Es running 6.3(4)

On one box, I get the expected result, which is that I see ICMP packets
destined for , and nothing else.

On the other box, I see all TCP and UDP packets[1] destined for ,
and nothing else.

I've used 'undebug all', and 'sh debug' shows no debug rules, so I'm
a bit mystified about what I'm missing here.

Suggestions appreciated (I can't post the configs[2], but I can post parts
if there are specific areas to look at).

[0] Hardware identical, not config identical
[1] I haven't found any ICMP, but there's a metric ton of traffic flowing,
so it may be that I just don't see it.
[2] Without lengthy and extensive sanitization.
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