On Thu, Jan 26, 2006 at 12:29:14AM +0300, ArkanoiD wrote:

> (well, for PIXen i do not see a reason for them to exist at all, except
> "our network is Cisco-based" which does look valid for me. If you need a
> good packet filter, get a Netscreen)

But precisely this reason is the weakest of all - of course
most people only discover this after the sale ;-)

If you've done years of IOS configuration and maintenance
and then encounter a PIX for the first time, I predict very
bad effects on your blood pressure and your overall health.
Boy, are these devices stupid!

The "all of our products run IOS" mantra is a big marketing lie.
PIXen don't run IOS. Their command line interface mimics IOS
to some extent. But any IOS firewall feature set router can
do more things than a PIX (at least up to 6.3.something).

> And, after all, implicit rules are terrible so Checkpoint
> config is quite obscure.

Implicit NAT and implicit permit if you happen to use the
PIX Device Manager seems even worse to me.

OK, enough of this product specific rant.

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