I've been playing around with some Web forum software, and figured that
since it appears to be working so far, I'd open it up to a wider audience.

It's pretty-much all security related fora, not much content so far- but
hopefully this will change that.


It's not meant to replace, or substitute for mailing lists- I've
just found over the last several months that there are times I want to
pull content instead of having it pushed to me, and there are times when
having narrower scope is good (so there are enough topics that everyone
can avoid the ones they don't like.)

Several of the fora are registration-only, and they don't show up unless
you register. A few folks have been playing so far, but mostly it's been

This will also give me an idea of what sort of load the VPS its on will
handle. Hopefully it'll do ok.

If you're allergic to Web-based fora, feel free to ignore this message...


Paul D. Robertson "My statements in this message are personal opinions
paul@compuwar.net which may have no basis whatsoever in fact."

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