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Quick questions here. I'm planning to buy PIX-515E-R-DMZ-BUN (which comes with
32MB RAM). I also want to use PIX OS v7.x. I read that I'll need 64MB of RAM
to support 7.x, in "Minimum Memory Requirements":


So I'll also buy PIX-515-MEM-32.

1. Will purchasing PIX-515E-R-DMZ-BUN and PIX-515-MEM-32 be enough to get PIX
OS 7.x going? The image is freely downloadable from cisco.com, right?

2. What kind of software upgrade limitations should I expect in the future?
How is it determined if I can upgrade to 8.x, 9.x, etc? Is it free?

3. Can I always count on free security patches, or is there a license I need?

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