What version of SonicOS are you running? Standard or Enhanced?=20
Are there any log messages generated in the SonicWALL when the user =
to connect to the site?
If you're running SonicOS Enhanced 3.1 or greater, have you done a =
capture and saved it to a libpcap file? Can you post this file if so.

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>Hello FW-Wizards and gurus,
>I have upgraded my Sonicwall SOHO3 to TZ170 a couple
>of weeks back for my small office network.
>Everything seems to be working fine except for one
>laptop which accesses UPS (United Parcel Service)
>Worldship network.
>As its description from the UPS website. UPS
>WorldShipR is a full featured, WindowsR-based,
>shipping software application for customers with high
>volume shipping needs. WorldShip allows customers to=20
>accelerate, streamline and enhance not only their shipping=20
>processes, but financial and customer service processes as well.
>When we first installed the program in one of the
>laptops, it seems to be working fine with the SOHO3
>And when, we upgraded to the Sonicwall TZ170, that's
>when the problem started to set in. We were told by
>UPS technical support since we have upgraded a
>firewall appliance, the firewall rules may have
>blocked inbound and outbound communication between our
>small office network and UPS's network.
>Furthermore, we were told that we need to enable
>support for gethostip.exe, shipups.exe, upslnkmg.exe
>alongside allowing access for 153.2.x.x network.
>Since I don't see any documentation on this Sonicwall
>TZ170 to do the adding of .exe files to the firewall
>that supports this method.
>I am uncertain though, whether my firewall rules have
>something to do with it? AFAIK, other services such as
>mail, terminal services are working fine except for
>this one.
>One odd thing that puzzles me is that if my boss
>brings this laptop to his house and connect it to his
>Home network through his router, he could connect to
>UPS and be able to do work and send info in a
>bi-directional manner.
>Whereas, if he returns to the office he gets an Error
>Code 53670 which according UPS has something to do
>with our firewall and dns resolution.
>I have attempted and failed to enable this feature and
>am hoping that maybe someone may have encountered this
>problem in the past who may have the solution.
>Again, thank you very much.
>Very sincerely yours,
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