Ask UPS technical support for a description of ports that need to be allowed
both outbound and inbound. But don't let them sell you on '1024-65535 both
directions.' That's an answer that vendors that 1) write crappy
applications and 2) don't know the workings of said crappy applications give
to customers in the hope that it doesn't matter.

Following that, the next step is to turn up firewall logging and/or a
sniffer and see what the Worldship client is trying to connect to that it

With SonicWall boxes, things like PortShield or web proxy settings could
potentially disrupt this type of traffic even if the access rules don't
explicitly prohibit them. Also, if Worldship uses any sort of VPN
tunneling, like PPTP/L2TP/IPSec, the firewall might be disrupting that -
trying to respond to key exchange requests instead of forwarding them on,


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Since I don't see any documentation on this Sonicwall TZ170 to do the adding
of .exe files to the firewall that supports this method.

I am uncertain though, whether my firewall rules have something to do with
it? AFAIK, other services such as mail, terminal services are working fine
except for this one.

One odd thing that puzzles me is that if my boss brings this laptop to his
house and connect it to his Home network through his router, he could
connect to UPS and be able to do work and send info in a bi-directional

Whereas, if he returns to the office he gets an Error Code 53670 which
according UPS has something to do with our firewall and dns resolution.

I have attempted and failed to enable this feature and am hoping that maybe
someone may have encountered this problem in the past who may have the

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