I have run across a problem several times with different PIX models
and on different networks; and I'm wondering if I just don't mix well
with PIX's - or if someone else has seen the same issue?

All of the PIX's have been running at least 6.x code and all have had
PDM run against them at some point. I have tried open source and
commercial SSH clients on the same PIX's - no change. Also get the
same results whether attaching to the outside or inside interface.

The symptom is that a few weeks will pass since I last logged onto the
fw using ssh; and I'll attempt to; but instead of being prompted for a
userid/password the client will simply sit there and stare at me while
doing nothing - no errors. If I'm using Kermit (usual) it'll just sit
on the blank black screen until it times out. Other clients produce
similar behavior.

The odd part is that I discovered through trial and error that if
access the PIX via PDM after the failed SSH attempt - even if the PDM
connection is not completed - I can then attach via SSH.

This is such a bizarre problem that I've been reluctant to post it;
but I've encountered it so many times now that my curiousity has
gotten the better of me!

Just curious,=20
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