On Thu, 28 Jul 2005, Luis Bruno wrote:

> > NATs not the issue with IPv6, retirement will have happened for all
> > here long before this happens by all appearances.

> As a 23yo computer engineering student, I sure hope I'm not retired
> when IPv6 becomes predominant. That would be disappointing.

It's difficult to predict implementation of v6. One of the more
interesting theories on non-implementation I've heard recently is that at
least one of the major vendors is holding off on adoption because of some
patents filed in preparation for v6- so it may be that there's at least
some pressure to have a 20 year holding pattern.

Personally, I'm not all that sure that we'll see v6 implemented without a
major push from somewhere large (I'd thought the US DoD mandate would
carry it- but that hasn't seemed to happen.) If I were someone like AOL
or China, I'd be looking to go there to help "wall off" my lusers from the
big bad v4 'net with pre-approved v4-v6 proxies for some level of content.

Get a couple of good-sized prefixes and walling stuff off seems like it'd
be pretty easy. Space is relatively expensive though, so it's definately
not in the play range with "real" addresses outside of FreeNet6.

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