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> With technology today I recommend (in general) never buying=20
> maintenance and expecting to turn a product over ever year or=20
> 2 - or keep it indefinitely as long as it works. I tend to do=20
> scorched-earth hard disk upgrades every
> 2 years (yay, digital photography) but I am still using=20
> Office '95 and it runs just great on my 2Ghz machine.
> So, yes, think about the future - but think about it from the=20
> standpoint of "most of this stuff DOESN'T HAVE A FUTURE."
> mjr.=20

This is all great, but I hope you are mainly referring to hardware
equipments and office suites, otherwise you just put 80 % of us out of
business (both vendors and practitioners)
I somehow believe that security related software should be
update/maintained as much as possible. Mainly because anyhow this is all
reactive, thus two-steps behind the real threat.
You might be using Office 95, and do a great job with it, but I doubt
you're still using a '95 antivirus on that PC, right?

And still, your last phrase is pure truth: most of this stuff really has
no future.

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