On 21/07/05 13:31 -0700, Roelof JT Jonkman wrote:
> Yehuda,
> This is a bit of an opinion piece, but never the less may give some insight:
> I'm a bit surprised that VOIP is getting so much traction. First thing

Actually, if you look past the residential market, the major place where
VoIP will gain is in international calls. Instead of being billed by the
minute, VoIP at both ends makes it feasible to have much cheaper
conversations. As the percentage of outsourcing increases, international
voice traffic will become more commonly used, and VoIP provides large
cost benefits there. And when you are implementing a VoIP backbone
anyway, you might as well save on the PBX and go all VoIP.

How much does your business depend on email, BTW?

Devdas Bhagat
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