I'm sure others on the list will give you better, more detailed information,
but since I had to look over a plan much like this recently I thought I'd
through my hat in the ring just because.

What my employer was planning was to use Cisco's Aironet product (a very
nice product from what I could tell, complete with highly configurable CLI)
to VLAN out two wifi networks - one for employees with access to internal
network, once for visitors with internet access. The visitors would still be
authenticated through a RADIUS server, and that password (for a "guestuser"
or some such) would be changed regularly (that was the plan anyway ).

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> Its not firewall related, but there's some smart minds on this list.
> My company has started looking into campus-wide WiFi. I'll
> keep my personal feeling on this to myself though. One thing
> that keeps comming up is that one of the largest user
> communities that would take advantage of this would be
> non-employees. Vendors, Salesmen, people meeting with
> GMs/VPs/Execs are probably going to be the main users of
> this. My question is, if you currently have a similar
> situation in your work environment, how do you handle
> granting these people temp/guest WiFi access.

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