On Thu, 21 Jul 2005, Yehuda Goldenberg wrote:

> I didn't ask about 911 tracking, but I would assume since all phone
> calls are handled centrally at their location, and they are providing
> the internet link and the phone service, they should be able to do 911
> tracking.

AFAIK VoIP services currently do *not* support E911. They can route 911
calls to their service center, or you can have the switch route to a local
number, but you will not get E911 service- that means the calling number
address won't show up at the local emergency call center, and responses
may be hampered because of it[1].

In a corporate setting, this is a risk call, since if someone has a major
injury on-site, and there's some address confusion or slow down you're
going to have to face a potential lawsuit in many situations. A loss
there could completely offset any savings.

[1] There's been some hoopla about it in residential situations,
including at least one "hey this might have prevented..." thing that's
probably been blown all to hell by the LECs who have just been forced to
give access to the 911 centers to VoIP providers, not sure if they'll
eventually include E911 service at some level.
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