I don't know about your specific configuration or the prices you were
quoted, but last time I priced Check Point products for a client failover
was included with VPN-1 Pro and load sharing license was only another few

For a smaller network where an IP1xx or IP2xx is plenty, I suppose the
Nokia's might be cheaper. But I can't say that I've ever seen anybody
attempt VRRP with a pair of IP130's. For a larger network where you'd
deploy an IP5xx or IP7xx, however, an x86 server with similar performance
would be roughly half the cost of the Nokia.


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I agree the SPLAT is awesome, but what about he costs of VPG or HVPG
licenses need to run clustering on the SPLAT boxes...

The cost to convert our existing and the maintence on these licenses exceed
most Nokia hardware prices which comes with VRRP for free.

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