Starting with NG-AI, Check Point has its own clustering capability. And,
with some rare but painful exceptions, it works with a typical default
switch configuration. No need for Nokia, Nortel, or software-based HA.

For all intents and purposes SecurePlatform causes your x86 hardware to act
as an appliance. (It's just a stripped down RPM-based Linux distro, but
Nokia/IPSO is BSD, so...)


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Subject: Re: [fw-wiz] Intel vs. special purpose FW-1 servers

2. Are you looking to CLUSTER FW-1 for HA or load balancing ? If so, you
will DEFINITELY need to look for an optimized appliance-based solution.
And, based on my experience, I'd suggest the Nortel "Alteon" systems for
FW-1: a pair of Alteon Directors and a pair of compatible Alteon
Accelerators give you a clustered solution that doesn't require you to play
any oddball Cisco tricks on your switches, allows you a NUMBER of
separated nets behind the firewall, and even multiple DMZs. I've used Nokia
IP-series before, as well as FW-1 on Solaris, and can't say enough about the
Alteon platform. . .

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