Thus spake Vinicius Pavanelli Vianna ( on Wed, Jul 13, 2005 at 06:39:35PM -0300:
> Anyone knows how I can forward all traffic the came to a Cisco Catalyst
> swith to an gateway to do some IDS/Firewall/Traffic Shape?

Use a policy route to force the next-hop. I think that's the
closest thing to what you want. However, given that traditional
switches are more or less agnostic to layer 3 information, you can't
do that unless you have a switch with a routing card, or actually
have a router.

If you're only looking for IDS stuff, most high end switches support
port mirroring.

So, a layer-2 solution could use vlans and have your IDS/Firewall/Traffic
Shape thingy route, bridge, or proxy-arp between them.

Or, use a PC or some other device that can make switching decisions
based on higher level stack information.


Dale W. Carder - Network Engineer
University of Wisconsin at Madison

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