I'm not sure I have a clear understanding of what you're asking for, but in
effect, the 'fwd' command of ipfw does simple policy routing. Depending on
the model and OS version of your switch, policy routing should be possible.


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Subject: [fw-wiz] Forwarding traffic to an active IDS/Firewall

Hi all,

Anyone knows how I can forward all traffic the came to a Cisco Catalyst
swith to an gateway to do some IDS/Firewall/Traffic Shape?
In ipfw (freebsd) this would be done by an "fwd" rule to forward all packets
to an forced gateway, this can be done in an cisco device or i need to
emulate all the valid IPs on the switch and use a VLAN with the servers so
the IDS receive the packets and forward to the internal VLAN, this would be
a little harmful

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