On Tue, 19 Jul 2005, Mark Ness wrote:

> I have seen lots of views on this subject, and if your security is good, the
> chances of any of these
> attacks getting in are minimal, but the possibility is there, and, since
> these are not customers viewing
> our home pages, but deliberate attempts at a login through ssh where they
> have no business trying to l
> login in the first place (many of them attempts at root) they are only
> interested in breaking in for
> whatever purpose, who knows. Maybe just for the challenge? Maybe to hijack
> your box? Maybe ID theft?

To install any kind of irc tools (psybnc and energy mech are favourites),
rootkits, phishing- and spamware, DoS and scanning tools. At least that's
what the kiddies tried on my homebred honeypot. So in my opinion those who
try have a criminal intention.

Have fun,

Chris Kronberg.


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