On 7/9/05, James Paterson wrote:
> http://www.securitypipeline.com/165700439
> Be interesting to get the communities take on this article.

I'd like to raise a couple of things:
A) the article says " By defining simple ACLs, we further isolate our
backend servers" - I ask, is not an ACL a firewall after all? - Packet
filter, but I think it fits in the definition of a firewall.

So, this makes me thing the author still thinks that some form of
firewall still has some use in the network, AFA I can tell

B) "The servers and their respective applications sit in their own
DMZ, protected by an Application-layer firewall". So, an application
firewall still has some uses too...

I find the article interesting but contradictory... because, if the
firewall is dead, how come there are still good uses to it?

Perhaps the author was referring to a "perimeter packet filtering
firewall", but still not sure...

My humble comments.

- Mart=EDn.
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