R. DuFresne wrote:
>Failing to do so moves liability out of the end users realm, even Marcus would have to agree there.

I couldn't agree more - if a vendor misrepresents their product they
should be held accountable. There are agencies of the government
that are already responsible for enforcing truth-in-advertising rules,
and there are precendent-setting decisions that hold the vendors
liable in such circumstances.

In the field of software, we have 2 problems - one: the truth
in advertising rules are not being enforced effectively, and
two: "shrink wrap" licensing has been upheld as a way of
releasing vendors for all responsibility - even the consequences
of their outright lies.

Outright lies? Isn't that a bit severe? Well, I give you one
case in point: I recently re-installed Windows XP on my
desktop machine (my annual "clean scrape") and as it was
installing (and on the product box) Microsoft touted XP as
a way to "quickly and securely access the Internet" Oh. Really?


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